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Sports Medicine Programs at Morton Plant Mease and St. Anthony’s

Whether you're a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, the goal of the Sports Medicine teams at Morton Plant Mease and St. Anthony’s is the same - to provide you with the latest treatments to speed recovery, restore optimal function and keep you in your game.

St. Anthony’s Sports Medicine Program

St. Anthony’s has long been recognized for its comprehensive Sports Medicine program that offers all types of athletes comprehensive services and care to the Tampa Bay region including:

  • Performance Enhancement: St. Anthony's offers customized training programs, led by certified athletic trainers, that can help individuals or sports teams improve strength, flexibility, balance and core stability to increase performance and reduce injuries. St. Anthony’s is the only local facility to offer performance testing using the iMETT system.
  • Injury Recovery: Sports medicine physicians specialize in the medical diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Approximately 90 percent of all sports-related injuries are non surgical, and all sports medicine physicians specialize in assessment and management of non-operative musculoskeletal injuries.

Morton Plant Mease Sports Medicine Program

The Sports Medicine Program focuses on excellence in clinical care, sports enhancement and injury prevention as well as community outreach, education and training. Our certified athletic trainers and licensed physical therapists offer highly specialized care at our Sports Medicine programs at Clearwater and Safety Harbor. We also support area schools and athletic programs, and provide medical care for community events. A special feature of our Sports Medicine program is our comprehensive sports concussion management program with includes ImPACT testing of high school athletes.

Sports Enhancement

We also focus on prevention, with sports-specific training and sports enhancement services that help patients achieve better flexibility, balance, agility, motor control, strength and power. Proper training can enhance performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Sports Medicine Treatment and Rehabilitation

Our medical team of physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers deliver individualized and highly skilled care that addresses all major sports injuries and post-operative conditions. Morton Plant Mease offers sports rehabilitation in Clearwater and Safety Harbor. Rehabilitation services include the assessment and treatment of patients of all ages and ability levels, including high-level college and high school athletes, professional athletes, and weekend warriors who are suffering from sprains, fractures and tears. Morton Plant Mease Sports Medicine Program was the first in the Tampa Bay region to offer special rehabilitation services and training using the AlterG low gravity treadmill.

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